Can't access EX2 outside local network

This has been an issue many times before, but the solutions in other threads hasn’t fixed my issue. My EX2 is full accessible by all my computers, phones, and apps within my local network. However, none of my computers, phones, or apps can access it outside the local network. I’ve tried forwarding ports to no avail (using settings within my modem and the EX2). I’ve deleted all my forwarding rules, which is where I’m at currently. If I go to, Port 80 and 443 are both visible. The EX2 says “Port Forwarding Connection Established”. Anytime I go to or use the app on my phone from outside my network, I get nothing. My Plex server is working, but only via an indirect connection (coincidentally, my Plex server says it is fully accessible outside my network, but that isn’t the case, either). Any ideas?


Have your checked the manual port forwarding rules on the My Cloud itself to ensure you didn’t forget to set it back to default? When it doubt, I recommend a System Only restore.