Can't access earlier files, just new personal files & public folder

Help please!!

I have an ‘old’ 2016 MyCloud which is now unsupported. I had it set up on a LAN with my old laptop setup using the My Cloud system which of course doesn’t work anymore. Following the catastrophic failure of my laptop I am having issues accessing my files from a new laptop.

Firstly, lights! The front light flickers on start-up but when booted it goes off & there is no light.

At the back the top ‘Activity’ light is blinking green & the bottom ‘Link’ light is a steady green.

I can login to my dashboard & change the privacy status of my folders. And after some research & changing of settings I can connect my new laptop & am able to access the public folder.

But my personal folder, which has all the files I require, I can’t access despite changing it to public or having it password protected set to full access. I saved a new document to my personal folder which I can access, but the previous files aren’t available. On the dashboard it says the folder contains 930GB data.

Something I did in all my meddling at one point allowed me to see a directory of the files in my personal folder so the data does seem to still be present but inaccessible!

I’m really not that computer literate, as if you couldn’t guess! What am I doing wrong?

What specific error message are you receiving when you attempt to access the previous files in your “personal folder”?

If using Windows you may need to access the Windows Credentials Manager and remove any prior entries for the WD My Cloud that are present. Windows generally doesn’t like a user using two or more user names/passwords accounts to access a NAS type device like the My Cloud.

Sometimes a 40 second pin reset or a System Only reset through the My Cloud Dashboard can fix weird issues with the My Cloud.

My Cloud OS 3 Pin Reset and System Only Restore a Single Bay My Cloud Device

Some single bay My Cloud users have experienced the front blue LED burning out. Some have resorted to changing the My cloud firmware code to assign a differed color (like green) to the front LED.

Thanks for your reply Bennor!

I don’t get any error message. It shows my personal folder as an expandable folder in explorer but clicking on it there is only the single doc I added to try & figure out what is happening, none of my previous files or folders.

I am using the same user name & password as previously. I had to add the cloud to the Windows Credentials Manager when I initially couldn’t connect to the cloud with the new laptop, should I just remove all cloud credentials & readd them? I’m not sure how I find out what are previous permissions & which are current?

I was considering a System Only reset but was nervous about losing files. SHall I just go for it??!!

If you have it set up correct on your home network, try \\WDMYCLOUD. If WDMYCLOUD doesn’t work then try the name you gave the device. Example \\CloudOne

One option is to enable SSH within the My Cloud Dashboard; then using an SSH client (WinSCP, Putty, etc.), access the My Cloud and review the Shares folder at the root firmware level to see what Shares are listed and if they contain your previous data.

How to Acess WD My Cloud Using SSH (Secure Shell)

A 40 second pin reset or My Cloud Dashboard System Only reset are (as the link previously provided indicates) supposed to be non data destructive. One should backup their My Cloud if they are concerned about loosing data. The My Cloud Dashboard includes a backup option called Safepoint (v4.x firmware) or Backup (v2.x firmware).

The 4 second and 40 second resets will NOT affect data - - -so fear not!
I had to do it ONCE with the OS/5 software back in the early days - - - and the overall process was very painless. You will, however, have to “reassign” shares to users after the exercise is done (All the shares will be there with the data; but the “users” will be gone. You will have to setup new users, and give permissions for the shares to the users.

However, this does sound more like a Windows Credential Manager problem.

I suggest going back into the Credential manager and deleting all references to the MyCloud and the IP address the MyCloud is using. Once you do this, when you access the “private” shares of the MyCloud; you will be asked again to supply credentials (because you wiped them out. . . )

The other thing to check is the “share” permissions settings on the mycloud. . .maybe something goofy happened.