Can't access download for latest version of WD Anywhere Backup Software (Windows)

I can’t access the download for the latest version of WD Anywhere Backup Software (Windows) for mybookworld. The version I have keeps losing backup plans across my 3 computers so I thought I’d better make sure I’m on the latest version which according to WD Support is 4.50.6554 (I’m on 4.00.5484).  

However when I go to the support/download page and click on the download button I get reedirected to the “Manage your account” page 

i.e from


Things I’ve checked

  1. I have configured my browser to allow pop-ups from these sites.
  2. I’ve tried both Chrome and IE
  3. I can download software from other product pages by clicking on the download button with no issues e.g. from
  4. I am logged into the support site
  5. I logged this with WD support over a week ago and had no reply (which is a disgrace as is backup software that is so flakey)

any assistance would be appreciated 

Solved it… Download must be accessed via the download link in the registered products section of my account