Can't access data or config, world edition II 4 TB (white light)

My 4 week old world edition II 4 TB started to behave real strange today. The drive became randomly inaccessible and file transfer were really slow. In the admin interface it alerted me about “degraded mode”. The problem is that now I can’t even access it! The lower with light is shining solid, the drive spins and makes some noises every now and then… But it can’t be detected on the network in any way I try or discovered by WD discovery tool. It wont ever respond to the resetbutton (or any other button) . And then after about 20 minutes it shuts itself down. I have lots of data on the drive and I’m not to happy about this. Any idea what this could be? May thanks in advance

Degraded mode essentially means “Back up your data NOW” because one of the drives in the device has failed. If its no longer discovered, I would call support and see if there is anything they can do, but most likely you will need to replace the unit. Always keep a backup of your data!!!