Can't access DATA on WD My Passport


I am a massive WD fan having owned scores of drives for video editing and never had a proble until now.

I have a WD My passport hard drive 2TB & recently when you plug it in to the PC, the data is there but after 10 seconds the drive goes “click” and I cant access the drive.

This sometimes crashes windows explorer.

A friend of mine says that because this drive does not have a dedicated power supply, that all the circutry is connected to the drive and so its buggered.

                                    Q. Would the only way to get the data be to buy an identical drive and somehow use the circuitry from the new drive with the old hard drive.

Or is there a small cady that you can get so I can sit the drive in it and access the data.

Thanks so much for any advise,


Try buying a power booster cable for your my passport. Call tech support regarding the spec of the  power booster cable you will need.