Cant access data after moving to folder

I have put all the content on my Elements 320gb drive into one folder on the drive itself to upload to Google drive. Now I cant access the data on my drive, it shows up in properties that the drive still has data, and is still there but I cannot see anything to open. Did I put some crucial files in the folder that were suppose to be left alone? 

Any ideas?

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Make sure sure that you have the ownership of the folders.

See if the following link helps

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I will check it out when I can get to a PC but if I dont see any folders or any icons, how can I take ownership?

Update: I checked my drive out again at home on my Chromebook and I can now see all the folders and files but…not all of the folders have anything in them but some do. So it must be a directory problem? Is that something fixable? Also I can see that there is still 315+ gb’s used so data is still there. 


Propably, the unit still indexing the files and thats why you are able to see only some of the files.

Can you check again to see if stills the same.