Can't access Dashboard

Thanks for any help on this,

For some reason the dashboard doesn’t open with Internet Explorer responding with “cannot display webpage”.  This happens via the WD QuickView shortcut, IP address or http://livebookduo/UI.

Windows 7 | IE 9 | WD Quick View v3.1.5.9


i have a MLD and the link you provided doesnt work for me as well and it display the same message you mentioned previously

try accessing it using the Drive’s ip address, it should work

make sure you have the right ip address 

No go, got the right IP address and trying same error.

Nobody else struck this one?

Okay, more testing reveals a couple of Windows 7 machines can’t access it but one can.  Firewall settings look the same as well as IE security settings on first glance.  Time to dig deeper and if I come across a resolution I’ll post it here.

I had the same problem using Safari with my Mac. maybe this will help you, as I now can access Dashboard this way instead. Cheers.