Can't access Dashboard - at all - i want to update to new OS/Firmware

When I try to login to the dashboard i get this message:


I think i have done the right 4 second and 40 second reset, but still nuthin

Generally one gets that error message due to a misconfigured DNS setting either on the computer or local network. If you use the IP address for the My Cloud can you access the Dashboard?

Basic troubleshooting steps. If running Pi-Hole (or other network wide DNS filtering program), disable it and see if the error message continues. If running any browser add-on’s that block or filter websites or advertisements, temporarily disable it and see if the issue continues.

i don’t know if i have any of those things are running on the computer. I have a mac running latest OS.

i tried on both my mac and pc, and i still can’t login the the dashboard

Did you try using the My Cloud IP address instead of the My Cloud name?