Can't "Accept Your Device's Security Certificate"

I have a WD MyBook Live and when I try to use the website to access the drive I ge redirected to a page that suggests several things.
1, Make sure the power is on and the drive is connected… Check
2, Update the firmware… mine is good to go… Check
3, Accept Your Device’s Security Certificate… when I try I get redirected and I get this and ERROR 404 Page not found.
4, Contact Support


Are you able to still access your WD My Book Live on your local network? If so, which Internet browser is the one giving you this error message? Does it happen with other Internet Browsers as well?

Yes, I’m able to access the drive both on the network and through the My Cloud app.
I get the same response irregardless of which browser I’m using. I’ve tried Chrome, Safari, IE, and the new MS “edge” browser.