Canot register WD hard drive

I cannot register two new hard drive (for which I opened an assistance ticket some time ago, but still no answer…). The drives need an RMA…
Both disks were bought : 2015/06/16 on a local computer store in belgium. Would it be possible to register these in my account ? [[DELETED]] Many thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Have you tried contacting WD over the phone, Please check this link for further help:

Hope this helps.

Many thanks for your help! The drives are not fully registered in WD portal.

However I cannot select them for an RMA !! If an admin pass by, would it be possible to do something ? One of the drive is crashed and I need to send it asap to the support to get a new one…

Thanks !

I have a similar problem, I had register an external USB HD, got an confirmation email, but found it not in my registered HDs in my WD account.
I opened a support call with this problem too.