Cannt connect my wd 2TB

My WD 2TB drive was working perfectly, but now i just cant connect. It seems that it have smtn with update from 01. Oct. I can connect to dashboard, everything looks like its ok, but i cannt open my wd drive, it asks me password - like this


Tried everything, deinstalation, checking usb connections, restarting…still same problem, dashboard is working but i cannt connect (share is not working).


Hi, have you tried using WDlink to map the folder? Check the link below.

You didn’t say what happens if you just type in any user ID and password?

yes, i tried that also, but i see my wd with its IP adress, but it looks like i dont have anything shared

like this clip_image002.jpg

i tried that also, but no matter what i write nothing is happening. Triede with my user name and password, then tried with root and welc0me…nothing

help please…