Cannot write to the MyCloud on Windows 10

Hi all,

I’ve been using my My Cloud with no issues on multiple devices for a few years now - but recently bought a new Windows 10 laptop. I can access it directly at \WDMYCLOUD although it only shows on my network if I enable SMB 1.0 which I know is unsafe. It all seems to be working otherwise, however I cannot WRITE to the My Cloud at all on Windows 10. Whenever I try to copy something over, the process/folder freezes and I cannot access the My Cloud again at all until I restart.

Any ideas? I’d really like to be able to upload things to it from my Windows 10 machine like I have been doing for years with my Windows 7 devices.

edit:: It does seem to let me edit files that are already on there, i.e make changes to a spreadsheet and save it. However I am still unable to copy new files directly to the drive



I have had and still have similar issues – I cannot login or see contents of LAN \WDMYCLOUD from Win10, only via web app, even after enabling SMB1. Was there something special/specific with SMB1 that was enabled/not-enabled or something else that allowed you to see contents on \WDMYCLOUD via LAN?
I’ve posted here, but not been able to resolve the issue.

I have the same problem. Can some help please ?