Cannot view network devices from WDLive

A friend and I bought our WDLive units 4 weeks ago. Since then, I have setup a shortcut on my WDLive to my Windows Server 2008 which is where I store all my media and have been playing my media OK. I then received an information dialog stating that there was a new firmware to download so I did. My WDLive is now on firmware 1.06.15.

My friend started experiencing a problem accessing his media from his Windows7 PC so he came over to look at my unit which connected without problem to my server and played the media OK. The next day, I tried to access my server to play another movie and now I am experiencing the same issue as my friend. When I open Video | Network Shares, nothing happens. It seems like the WDLive unit is thinking about what to do next or is trying to find something. There are no error messages. I have found that if I leave my unit on this menu item for around 3 minutes, and try again, it finds all my network devices and my server and access is OK and everything works fine.

The network is wired to my router which is where my server is also wired in. Can anyone suggest what the problem is and how to fix it? Thanks.

EDIT: I just tested the unit again and now it’s working OK. So the problem seems to be intermitent.

I’ve had this problem intermittently as well, particularly with my Live+'s.

Here’s what I’ve observed that “helps.”

1-  When you turn it on, don’t do ANYTHING for a minute or so after it boots up…  Let the network discovery and server discovery process run undisturbed.

2-  If you’ve recently shut down or restarted another computer or device on your network, it might have caused a Master Browser change.   That can take a little while to resolve.   (Particularly if you SHUT DOWN the browser.)