Cannot use remote access

I have setup mycloud on my local network and have had no problems connecting to it while on my wifi network. However, when I try to access remotely, I’m having issues. I can log in to my account online and I see my device. But, when I select my device, nothing ever happens… It just hangs. On my dashboard, it says “Connected (Relay connection established).”

Please help.

The wd2go site uses Java so update to the latest Java version.  From there, when you go to the site, you should get a popup about running the java app.  You will need to “check” the box and click run.  If you are on a Mac, use FireFox since there’s some java issues with safari and chrome on the Mac.

I’m having the same probem getting in remotely.  It works fine on my home network but when I try to log in remotely using a PC at work, I can’t connect.  The WD My Cloud program sees my drive and shows the correct IP address and I tried signing in manually and by clicking on the drive and I get the same error message, " Cannot connect to this drive".  

Anyone know of a fix?


Happy Holidays!

Are you sure your work firewalls allow it?

I have the same issue. I just purchased a 4TB My Cloud for the primary use of remote access from my iPhone or iPad. Everything works fine when accessing it through my home wi-fi network but I just get the ‘Can’t Connect’ error when trying to establish a remote connection. I can login to it, just can’t connect. I use the latest Apple Time Capsule as my router and I’ve no idea what settings would need to be changed in order to allow this. Just gutted that I can’t get remote access to My Cloud. Any help would be appreciated. :confounded: