Cannot upgrade bios

I must have the orginal box. My bios is 1.00.01 :)  I was tired of the file extention limitations so I went to look for a bios upgrade.

I have downloaded several bios upgrades but none will load…

These isn’t a option to do an upgrade in the system menu and it will not rtecognize the upgrade files if they are the only ones on a usb stick wheather I just put it in the usb port or I reboot with it in…

I couldn’t find anything in the knowledge base …

Can anyone help ?  I like this unit…


Well, for one thing, it’s not BIOS.   It’s firmware.

And to be of help, we need to know the exact model number of the device you have.   It is on the label next to the serial number.

Firmware is simply just a set of instructions and setting for a device, where as a bios is simliar but may include the option to change those settings…It seems thatI need the firmware updated but also the meny system and ability to read more exctentions…

I had not realized that WD made different models of this device…I have only seen them advertised as WD Tv…

Above the s/n is says WD P/N WDAVN00BN

Does this help ?

Certainly looks like you’ve got a 1st Gen (Note: Base Firmware is 1.01.10 not 1.00.01)


Here’s the link to the Firmware Download  1.03.01 (11/2009)

Just to let you know… this WDTV doesent decode DTS to Stereo … so,if you only hook it up to your TV you won’t get any sound with movies that have DTS audio.

(DTS sound is only available via Pass-Through … so you will need a Amplifier/Surround Sound System for DTS)

I know this … because i own one :wink:

P.s. Limited MKV Reference Frame support as well  (5) Frames Max.

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Bingo…it worked !!

Still will not display jpegs …hope it will play VLCs…

Thanks !


luv2listn wrote:

 …hope it will play VLCs…

No, it won’t play VLCs 

Here’s the user manual with supported Files / Formats  Page 67  (Video / Audio / Pictures)


I just figured it as a typo … but apparently there is such thing as a *.vlc file  (checked with google)

It’s a “Playlist” file created with VideoLAN Player… which isnt supported unless you rename it *m3u  (i guess?)

Yes,a common format now for movies. My sister had a vid of her house done recently as part of her sales package and it is a vlc file as well.  …I usually convert to another format but it is a pain.

The jpeg problem has me stumped. My jpegs are 8 bit, RGB format. In the manual, it states that this is an accepted format. It didn’t work before the upgrade and no change after the upgrade.  I am stumped.  Converting all my pics to another format seems like a lot of work.

Would a newer iteration of WD TV do the above ?



luv2listn wrote:

Yes,a common format now for movies.


That’s news to me :confounded:   i think you probably mean FLV  (Flash Video)  which the Newer players will play, as long as the codec is H.264/AVC

luv2listn wrote:> My jpegs are 8 bit, RGB format. In the manual, it states that this is an accepted format.


It also states maximum resolutions and progressive and cmyk (not supported) … do your pictures meet these requirements as well ?

luv2listn wrote: Would a newer iteration of WD TV do the above ?



If you upload one or two of these Non-Working pictures to the forum … then myself and others can test on the WDTV Live, WDTV Live Hub and the New WDTV Media Player… this will answer your question.

Upload a picture to an image host eg.  imagebam   then copy and paste the “Link Only” url here on the forum

And even if he meant flv, it’s no common format cause YT also goes with mp4 these days.