Cannot unlock My Passport on Mac Mojave 10.14


I upgrade to Mac Mojave (10.14) and I am unable to unlock my drive.

I tried with WD Drive Unlocker and get an Error “Unknown Security State: ff”

I read in the WD community Forum to update the WD Security application to the latest version. I have done this but I am still unable to connect/unlock my drive. When I open WD Security and connect the drive, it says there are no volumes.



Contacted support, they suggested connecting from another computer and removing the password. This seems to have resolved the issue.


I have exactly the same problem. Could you please be more specific??? what do you mean by “another computer”? Another Mac with Mojave? Another Mac with lower operating system? HELP!!!


I think I used my Windows machine at work. I removed the password, connected to my mac and then readded it


But you drive is formatted with NTFS? Fat? I could not do that I guess because my driver is formatted with Iosjournaller or however it is named the Apple format. Could you please check? I am really desperate


Mine is Mac OS Extended (Journaled). I used Windiws 10, and WD Security to dwcrypt the drive. If it’s not working, I’d contact WD support.


OK, I connected the drive to my windows 10 and was prompted for a password. I input it and now I will download wd security as you advised. thanks. I hope it will work


It worked, man. You cannot figure out how much I thank you. I was completely convinced that I have somehow damaged the drive! And today it occurred to me that maybe there was an issue with Mojave upgrade and that I would go and check posts. I am so glad.