Cannot submit support - Error in uploading system log


I know this may raise a laugh with those on this forum, but with newly setup EX2 Ultra working fine (just can’t connect another machine through wifi, hence support required) the Support dialogue on My Cloud comes back with error:
“Error in uploading system log”
Note - if you don’t tick the “Attach my system’s diagnostic report and request support” which triggers this, the “Request Support” button is greyed out and unusable…
So this is ironic considering it is a request for support in the first place!
Can anyone confirm if direct support is dead and a time waster?


Hi PhilCloud,

We have sent you a message. Please check your Community Message Inbox.


Thanks Brandon. Indeed, your guys are sorting me out and all is good. The My Cloud support submission as noted still does not work, but I found I could request support through the product registration pages - so that is the way to go, and has restored confidence. Thanks for the follow up too.