Cannot stream .mov to laptop windows 10


Whenever I want to view a bigger movie (.mov) file I have to wait on windows 10 laptop. On different devices like IPhone it streams right from very beginning.

How to set it up streaming also on windows client (eg laptop windows 10)?

Jirka Husak

What program on Windows 10 are you using to play the “.mov” file? You may have to install a third party player like VLC ( to play MOV or other media files not supported by the default Windows app.

You can use Windows Media Player, which should be on Windows 10, to stream from the My Cloud.

I can see the movie no problem also with win10 media player but the problem is i have to wait until complete file is downloaded. On iphone for instance i see movie running immediately, streaming.

Are you trying to access the media remotely? Ie the My Cloud is NOT on your local network?

Mycloud is on my local network. I open movie through the mycloud desktop app.

If BOTH the Windows 10 computer and the My Cloud are on the same local network there is no need to use the My Cloud Desktop software. One can use Windows File Explorer to directly access the My Cloud on the local network. One should also “map” the My Cloud to their Windows 10 computer to make it even easier to access My Cloud content. See the My Cloud User Manual (, Chapter 3 Getting Started, Mapping the Public Folder (Windows) for basic directions on how to map the My Cloud, or see the following WD Support document for more information on how to map a drive:

As indicated previously one can use the Windows Media Player program if it is installed on Windows 10 to access the My Cloud via DLNA to stream content.

One shouldn’t need to download the entire media file prior to playing it when they use the map drive option or the Windows Media Player option.

DO NOT use the desktop app if you are connecting locally, that is created for remote connections. Just open Windows Explorer and access your drive from “Network” on the left menu