Cannot stream from LAN without Internet connection?

I had a network outage at my ISP yesterday. The LAN within the house worked fine. However, the WD TV Live was not able to stream anything from the media servers (running on a NAS on the LAN). WD TV was displaying the list of folders and all the media files just fine (including even displaying thumbnails of the photos), but an attempt to start streaming any of them (photo, music, video) resulted in indefinite wait with orange “round arrow” rotating on the screen.

I tried streaming from the same NAS with a PC-based DLNA client (XBMC), it worked fine. I also tried connecting WD TV Live to NAS directly, bypassing the router and setting IP addresses manually ( on NAS, on WD TV, both with netmask, still no luck.

Why does WD TV need an internet connection to stream local files? Is it possible to use WD TV when Internet connection is down?

Firmware: 1.09.10
Media server: TwonkyMedia running on QNAP TS-659 NAS

Hi, an internet connection is not necessary to stream files over a local network, try pressing the reset button on the bottom side of the WDTV for 1 second.