Cannot sign into Nas Drive via IP address, 4 second reset didn't help

I have a EX2 Ultra and have always been able to sign right in via the ip address, I verified my nas ip address thru my router and I get to the WD sign in admin area enter my password and it just tells me to reset the unit via the link if you are having problems reset the unit.

I did the 4 second hold reset which should clear the admin password but it doesn’t at the ip login it just keeps saying with admin and pw area now clear that same link to resetting the unit.

I guess what confuses me is I know the password i set, heck I have been in there many times to update plex or dropbox apps I just cannot figure out how to get in again since it won’t take my password and the reset didn’t clear the password as it mentioned that it would.


I would suggest you to perform reset on the My Cloud Device again to see if the issue persist.

Refer the link provided below for more information.

I had done the 4 second reset with no luck, but when I did the longer 40 second reset that worked and I reset the password thanks!