Cannot share movies with iTunes


I desperatly try to share my mp4 and m4v movies using the MBL iTunes server. But they remain invisible

Can, please, smbdy help me ???

As of iTunes 10.4 (I believe that was the version), Apple made changes that stopped video streaming. At this time there is no workaround.

Thanks WDTony

Ok, so … no way to share the movies I have bought on the iTunes store using the MBL :frowning:

So sad …

By the way, I don’t know if this is related to a new version of iTunes, but for all songs I have bought on the store (AAC) and imported on my MBL, artist name is replaced by the composer name(s) in the iTunes display.

Even if the MBL could stream videos via iTunes server, you still wouldn’t be able to stream your iTunes purchases because of DRM.