Cannot setup WD SmartWare to perform BackUp - Firewall Issue?

Hi, I am just installing a My Book Life 2TB, I purchased today.

I am doing this via a wireless network:

Windows 7 on my Laptop

Asus RT-N56U as WiFi-router

At first instance, the MyBook was not found while starting the installation CD.

I then started the installation manually from the CD

The My Book Life is now visible in the Internet Explorer as network drive - I can access the folders on the My Book drive.

I then installed WD Smartdrive from the CD, and also made the latest update from the Internet (now v1.5.1.6)

The problem:

SmartWare is not recognizing the My Book drive, i.e. not showing it. I cannot make any backups.

Anyone with a suggestion how to solve that? Thank you

It seems it is a Firewall problem:

after I deactivated the firewall, I see now the My Live in SmartWarte - via LAN as well as WiFi.

Just trying to make my first backup to see if that works as well.

Anyhow - how could I solve the Firewall issue? I am having Eset Smart Security 5

don’t most firewalls allow you to enter exceptions?