Cannot set up new My Book - please help

Hi there from a brand new user and member. I thought I was pretty tech savy, but I’ve just bought and 

plugged in my new WD My Book 2TB. Connected power and USB to rear of unit and then to my Aseus router. This is the first time I have connected to my router with a USB type connection instead of the normal ethernet cable. The light on the WD unit is steady blue and I see that whereas LAN ports are lit where ethernet cables are connected on the router  there seems to be no visual indication that the USB is connected to the router or working correctly so I’ve no way of knowing that the connection to the router is okay.These LAN lights seem to only refer to the ethernet cables connected.   
The WD unit will not scan my network and all I get on the front of the unit is a steady blue/white light.

BTW, despite what it says in the downloaded user manual, I can see no LEDs at the rear, but I appreciate these may have been dispensed with now. 

I have reset both my router and the My Book, but to no effect. I’m really stuck!!
Advise & help please.

I believe you are a bit confuse with My Book (USB) vs My Book Live (NAS).

Make sure you got the correct manual for your unit.

Also, this is the Forum for My Book Live. There is another forum for the USB external devices.

Apologies, I’m so new I didn’t appreciate a difference!