Cannot Set Up Account or Access Remotely. Time Warner Cable Tech Support Gave Curious Response

I called WD Support explaining that My Cloud is not being set up correctly. I can’t see it on the network on My Computer. I can, however, see the My Cloud on my TV which is also connected hard wired to my router.

WD Support went above and beyond trying to help me determine the problem. They even tried to help me re-configure my router settings - something that is probably outside of their support boundaries. Ultimately they still re-directed me to my ISP.

I contacted TWC and explained that I’m trying to configure Port Forwarding. After placing me on hold for some time the technician informed me that TWC does not support Port Forwarding in my area using the router they provided. I find this puzzling because the router’s configuration pages seem to have the necessary settings to achieve port forwarding. They recommended that I purchase a 3rd party router.

Does anyone have insight into this to confirm or deny TWC’s assertion that the problem is with the router they gave me and that giving me a different router won’t help, but that personally buying a new random router will fix it?

This seems strange to me.

Updated w/ more info:


WD My Cloud 2TB

Motorola SBG6580 Wireless Router/Cable Modem

Samsung 46" LED Smart HDTV connected to network directly - TV can see WD My Cloud

Dell Inspiron - Windows 7 SP1 - Wifi Connection - Intermittent Visibility to WD My Cloud - Does not appear in “Network”


See if this helps.

How to enable port forwarding on a network router for use with a WD My Cloud Mirror, EX2 or EX4 Personal Cloud drive