Cannot select Content Source after firmware upgrade

My WD TV Live unit did an automatic upgrade to firmware version 2.01.86 today. Unfortunately I am unable to access my network share. Before doing the upgrade the unit functioned normally, and was able to see my shares. The upgrade proceeded as it normally does for the upgrade. When I get the Select Content Source and choose Windows Shares The orange circle shows in the middle of the box and just keeps spinning.

I have erased the network setup and allowed the unit to find my network. It then asks for my password and after entering the password it tells me the connection is made. When I choose the Check Connection box I get green checkmarks for all 3 items, IP Address, DNS, and Internet Connection. It tells me that the check has passed. The Device Name and Workgroup name are all correct.

I have power cycled the unit, but still cannot get it to connect to the share.

I have reset the unit back to factory defaults but it still cannot connect to the share.

I reset my router twice, but the WD TV unit still won’t connect to the share. The unit does show up on the routers screen with a valid IP address, but I still cannot connect to the share. I am able to bring up internet services, and they all function properly. The one and only issue I am having is connecting to my network shares.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Automatic as in you clicked on the new firmware message and acknowledged you wanted to update?

I have the same problem here. After a reboot I have network access for only a few minutes or none at all!. It seems like the WD wifi fails or is corrupted. login to windows network fails. allthough internet access still works fine.

The problems with the automatic picture screensaver however seems solved.

Same issue here. I had to downgrade the firmware to get it going again.

Techflaws wrote:

Automatic as in you clicked on the new firmware message and acknowledged you wanted to update?

Yes automatic as I accepted the install of the new firmware. No errors occurred during the upgrade.

At least I found out something weird. I have 3 WDTV live devices, one on the childrens room (a 5 year old version) and 2 new ones (one in my bedroom and one in the livingroom both dated 2013). They all have a specific name (not 3 times default WDTVLIVE but WDTVlivingr, WDTVbedr etc…).

They used to appear all 3 on the routers connected devices page till the new firmware was released.

Only the old device still has its name set on the list, the other 2 (with the new firmware) have NO NAMES (-) but are somehow connected as a mac-device (mac-adress).

I found that the new firmware can connect either via a windows network or a mac-network or both.

Obviously the windows part is not working properly. :cry:

WD can you please come up with a solution???

Router (DHCP) doesnt give the device a IP-adress!