Cannot see World Book over the network

Last September, I installed a WD World Book II on our network with same subnet as the XP and Win 2003 servers that I planned to backup. I configured the WD box using the Discover tool with a static IP address. I was able to manually run BESR software to save images of some of our XP’s & Win 2003 server on this WD box. My goal is to backup those computer automatically on a schedule. However, only half of my 20 scheduled backup jobs ran successfully over the weekend. After that, Discover tool could not see this WD box. I could ping the WD box; but could not map it using its IP addresses. WD tech determined it to be a defective product. Last December, I bought another World Book for the same setup. Again, same problems occurred. I begin to suspect software issues, not hardware, causing the problem I have seen.

You are not alone this a common problem on both world books. It seems there is bug in firmware. Have you tried hurtwares solution it seems to work for my world white light as this had the same problems. M

On my second MyWorld Book 2TB and again after a couple of months I cannot detect the drive from a Mac or XP.  Annoying - money back this time I think.  I have noticed that the IP address of the MyWorld is which is not in the IP range of my router to - would this be the problem.

Give your world book a fixed ip below the your dhcp range ie the ip address you have written is a web address not a private network address. Also check to see if your router has assigned an address to it. Good luck M