Cannot see Symbolic Links to MBL

Hello All -

First, I am new to all of this stuff so what I am telling you is basically what I know.

I am working to set up external access to MBL (and other information) via apache.  I am running a Mac and enabled web sharing which starts appache.  So when I enter my assigned site name in a web browser, I now see the contents of the parrent and user folders, including symbolic links to folders on the internal drive, but my symbolic links to the MBL are not showing up. 

When I try to access the sybolic link directly via the web address, I receive a “No Permission” message.  How do I provide external users access to MBL?

First off, this has nothing to do with the MBL.   If your MAC is connecting to the MBL and has access to the files, then the MBL is functioning, and your issue is with Apache.

I’d suggest that you check Apache support / community / HOW-TO documents.

In general, you’re going to need to configure Apache to allow access across symlinks that are NOT local filesystems.  You will probably also have to configure .htaccess (or hard config in the apache configuration file) to interpret permission-bits differently, because apache places very specific functionality on permissions.

BTW, this is a *horribly* risky thing you’re doing…

Enough said.  Besides being risky, it’s beyond my willingness to learn.  I was hoping it to be easy, but it’s not.