Cannot see shares in folder

Hi I have just managed to set up my book live and i can view all files on the web but after inputting access code on ipad there are no shares in the folder at all. I have retried this through different users and still no joy. Can anyone suggest a solution

Stupid question: What OS are you using in your iPad?

I have upgraded the Booklive to the new version, last night!  Have downloaded WD2go and WDphotos to ipad and iphone. have entered the codes and registered.  I think I  have done everything.  I cant see anything when I go into WD2 or photos on phone or ipad other than wlecome,  My Book Live,  then an empty folder.  I assume the data shold be in this folder???  Can you help me to see , access the data from the hardrive?


I had the same problem which drove me crazy. What I did I never got shares. Untill I did this:

Try to make a new share and make it private.

After I saved all the shares became visible. I think this is a flaw in the software. It does not show the standard shares untill you make a new one.