Cannot see network drive

Have bought a myword book 2tb today, I have spent a number of hours today trying to get my Windows Vista computer to detect the WD network drive with no avail.

I have followed the instructions in the manual exactly and have repeated the process 3 times powering down the computer, router and the hard drive but not luck.

I have downloaded and installed the latest WD Discovery application as the buttons on the application provided with the CD ROM in the box didn;t have any text on them.

I have checked that the firewall allows UPNP

I have checked the routers status has enabled UPNP

I have reset the WD drive

The orange network light is flickering so there is some connection with the network but the WD discovery application is not finding it.

I would be hugely appreciateive of any help I can get!

See if your router has assigned an ip address. Then try accessing user your web browser. Ie:  this is just to show how to type in to your web browser. Good luck M