Cannot see My Passport on the desktop

I guess I caused this problem by force ejecting my My Passport drive. Now when I connect it to my Mac laptop I can see the WD Unlocker icon, I open this and get the DriveUnlock icon, I open this and get the WD SmartWare Unlock dialogue box in which I type my password. I then get the message ‘Your drive is now unlocked.’  So far so good. But then I cannot see any icon for My Passport on the desktop. It does not show up in Finder. However I can see it in Disk Utility.

What has happened and how can I access the files on My Passport

I don’t know about Macs but it sounds like maybe the partition data is corrupt. I’m not sure which program to recommend to repair it. Somebody that knows about Macs will post.


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Hi There, I would advice you to check the Disk Utilities and see if the drive shows there, If it does. Click here to learn how to test and repair the disk

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Thank you. However I tried that and got the error message: this disk needs to be repaired

Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 00.05.53 .png

So I tried repairing it but got this message:

Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 00.06.10 .png

According to the error message your drive needs to be reformatted, you can click here for the instructions and if you would like to get the files from the drive, I recommend you to use a Data Recovery Software. you can click here to view some free software available for download.

Thanks. Any recommendations as to what is the best program to use? - there seem to be a lot to choose from.

Yippee!!  I have just seen all my files using a program called AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac.

I can see all my precious files!!  

Looks like if I buy the program I will be able to recover them all.

I am so relieved!  

The WD help desk told me that my drive was probably faulty and that I should send it in for a new one but they would not recover my data.

I am sure there must be a way of repairing the partition(?) and being able to read all the files directly from the disk. But my computer skills don’t stretch that far, so I am going to recover the files using the program and then put them on a new disk.