Cannot see My Cloud Mirror on network - Windows 10 - Avast Firewall

My experience with this problem is in conjunction with using Avast Internet Security as my Virus protection software. The Avast takes control over the Windows 10 Firewall and inadvertently blocks the network from communicating with the My Cloud device. It is unclear if it was an update that initiated the problem or something else. You can easily check this by right clicking on the Avast icon and navigating to the Avast Shields Control and disabling Avast for 10 minutes. Then check to see if your My Cloud device is visible on the network and working normally again. If this is the case then some settings in the Avast Firewall are required.

In my case, I called Avast to have them resolve the problem after I figured out that it was their firewall causing the issue. So the customer support for Avast are pretty flakey and they don’t want to take any responsibility for their software glitches. The first technician remoted into my computer and tried resolving the problem and failed so she turned me over to her supervisor who wanted me to pay over $100 for premium tech support to fix the problem. After a little arguing with the snowflake, I agreed to pay a reduced amount of $49.99. The next technician remoted into my computer and ran several free Malware, Adware, and Virus scanners that consumed over 2 hours, problem still happening. Finally he started tweaking the firewall. Unfortunately I had stepped away so I didn’t actually see what steps were taken to resolve the problem within the Avast control panel. The fact is that the cause of the problem was the Avast Firewall blocking the Western Digital My Cloud device from communicating with Windows. Since the problem was on their side, I’m considering calling them back and asking for a refund.


Thanks for sharing this information, I have never tried this. Let’s see if an experienced user can comment on this.