Cannot see Media Servers

I have a SMP connected via cable to a router which is connected to a WD MyBook LIve NAS.  For two years I have been running Twonky Media Server on the NAS and receiving it on the SMP - no problems.  Recently I updated Twonky to the latest version (perhaps i did other things also that i can’t remember), but I no longer see the Media Server from the NAS on my SMP.  So i reinstalled the firmware on the NAS and installed an older version of Twonky - still nothing.  Then i uninstalled Twonky, and installed DLNA media server on the NAS. Still nothing. 

On my PC’s i see the media servers from the NAS.  But on the SMP, nothing.  The SMP does see the Samba and LInux file servers from the NAS, so i can access content that way.

I reset the SMP to factory. The firmware is up to date. No changes to the overall problem.
I reset the router a few time. Nothing.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Problem solved.

 There was some sort of problem when I updated to the latest version of Twonky which messed up the ability of the MBL to talk to the WD TV Live.  I installed new firmware in both devices AND most importantly I gave the WD TV Live a new  (different) static IP on the DHCP table of the router.

Hi there, thanks for sharing this information with the community, lets hope this helps other users that might have a similar problem in the future.