Cannot see files using Chrome browser

This is not new I don’t think since I have seen this issue posted but not resolved after over a year since the OP.
When accessing MyCloud using the Chrome browser, I can only see a few files, despite WD stating that the Chrome browser works (but not Microsoft Edge).
Is this issue going to be resolved by WD or has it been and I just can’t find the resolution?

What files are you missing? I take it you are talking about using the Chrome browser to sign into

Yes, sorry I was not more forthcoming with the issue.
When using the Chrome browser I can access my WD device and log in and see my shares/folders. When I open a folder, I see about a page’s worth of files but no more.
When using the Edge browser, I get a screen advisory it is not supported, and to try the IE browser. When using the IE browser, I can see all of my files.
This issue surfaced a couple of years ago and has had replies since then but no apparent resolution.

The workaround until WD gets around to fixing the code used on is to use either Firefox or try using Internet Explorer (not Edge) on Windows 10.

Chrome only displaying a partial listing of files is a known issue that more than a few have complained about.

Thanks Bennor. I was afraid this might be the response I would get.
I know nothing about browser technology and therefore won’t comment too harshly as to why WD has failed to address this, except to point out that it has been an issue since December of 2015 (at least). This is disappointing, inasmuch as Chrome is the overwhelmingly predominant non-mobile browser, with 60+% of the user base measured by the three market share measuring companies.
Oh well.

Hi CharlieATL1,

I have not experienced this issue personally with the Chrome browser. Also, I have seen other users report this issue. To fix the issue you may try updating Chrome and its plugins. If the issue still persists then as a workaround consider using internet explorer or FireFox browser.