Cannot see files on attached USB Drive

Hello all,

I am new here, 1st post… Thanks for all the great tips and information you all have gathered here, really awesome.

That said I can not see the answer to my little problem.

When I plug in a USB drive, after some time the MyCloud device sees the drive. I can also use the dashboard’s USB icon and see that the drive is attached, it even shows me the used and free space.

The drive even shows up on the shares screen. I can set it public or private and it appears to be working properly.


In Explorer (Win7) I can see the MyCloud, I can see the USB DriveName although I can not see any of the files on the USB drive.

This drive has just under 3TB data already copied onto it prior to plugging it into the MyCloud.

Some of the posts mention type of drive format when the drive is not seen so I followed some instructions to determine the drive type. Looks like NTFS? Bytes per sector is 512 Bytes per cluster is 4096, Bytes per file record segment 1024. it appears to me that this should not be the issue.

So I guess the question is, How can I make the files already copied to the USB drive be seen in Explorer once plugged into the MyCloud?

or is the proper question…

How can I create shares that will list the existing contents of a USB drive?



When you plug a USB device in the NAS, the NAS will create automatically a share for each partition on the USB drive. Open the NAS UI and look for these shares, are they listed? Do you need to adjust the access rights?

If you don’t see the shares in the UI, it is weird, because you said you can see it/them on the network…

One possible reason is that you have a lot of data on the USB drive, it is possible that the NAS is very busy indexing and scanning all this content and that makes it unresponsive. Did you try to let it go through its routine for 24h?

Just to clarify and a\nswer your question…

I can see the share for the USB drive in the dashboard.

I can see the drive using explorer, but the drive appears empty. No Files and no folders.

No I have not waited 24 hours, I would expect the files to be visable even if the media server has not indexed them. Would no files be available until the entire drive is indexed? Expecting that this is wrong I will plug the drive back into the device and see what it looks like tomorrow.

Just an update,

It took 4 times and finally the 4th time it worked as expected.

Shut down the MyCloud.

Power Down the External USB.

Unplug everything (USB-Ethernet-Power to both units)

re-plug everything

Power up the USB

Power up the MyCloud

After 10 min I checked the system and viola, the USB drive is not only showing but all the files are listed and available.

After much testing everything seems OK.