Cannot see any files in media server


I’ve just received my live streaming box today

I can connect to the net, the box can see my pc but when it comes to looking for files it can only see my files and folders if I browse via the folder menu e.g. look for videos in the “folders” menu

How comes when I go to media server it does not see any files on my PC - Should it no pick up the files in my Win 7 media center - How do i get it to do that? Or do I need to allow some sort of sharing. If so what?

 Also what are Samba and NFS shares - As mentioned above the box can see my files via these shares…but how did these shares come to be. I have not shared anything yet

*is confused*

Please help


From the questions you ask, I presume you are new to networking skills and are also new to the WD media servers.  So, you have a learning curve to go through. 

First, if you did not get a printed manual (other than a Quick Guide) you need a full manual for your new media player.  Perhaps it is on a CD that came with the unit, but it is also posted in the WD support section.  FInd it here, download and save the manual’s PDF file for your reference: 

And, to answer one of your questions, yes you need to share some things; such as media folders of music, videos, pictures.  This is all done at your server PC, likely the Win 7 computer you mention.

So, to learn about networking, sharing etc., open the Windows Control Panel, look for the Help tab in the upper left, open it, and in the search box type in:  networking.  You will see topics from the basic to the advanced here. 

You need to do some basic training first, and the player manual and Windows Help are where to start.

Yup deffo new to the WD hardware and setting up files and folders to share over a media device. Not that new to networking permission - Just had never heard of the SAMBA and /NFS ones before. Are these some sort of default shares when looking over a media device e.g. WD?

What also threw me is I can connect to the media server i.e. my pc via my PS3 without setting anything additional up

From what you’re saying. I need to actually share the My Videos, My Pictures…etc? - What wil this do? Is it so it can see the files via the media center?

Sorry if above seems newbie-esq (which i guess it is lol)