Cannot See All Folders - Network Share

I have my WD TV Live hard wired to my network. It can see some of my shared folders, but not others. My other streaming device can see all the folders. If we take two folder specifically as examples - they are both on the same shared hard drive and have the same sharing privileges (everyone=read), but only one folder shows up on the TV Live. I am running Windows 7. I access the files through Network Shares.

Any suggestions what might be causing this?

Hi there, what firmware do you have?

My firmware version is 1.01.00. I have read stories where people have messed up their unit by trying to update the firmware. I even had WD tech support tell me not - if I didn’t need to.

There is a known problem with Windows 7 Networking Shares which affects all DLNA devices regardless of the manufacturer. The issue is well documented on a number of Windows 7 forums. Your easiest solution is to have a read of and use the share manager program to resolve your issue otherwise you may have to hack the Windows 7 registry.

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I loaded and ran the Windows Share Manager program. It indicates that the folders are shared correctly. It shows 10 folders that are shared, but only 4 show up on the TV Live.

Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!

See if this tutorial for troubleshooting helps:

Excellent information! Thanks for passing it along.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to help with my problem - but I appreciate you trying!

In netview all the devices show up properly. They all are on the proper domains and all the shares show up on the list using net view \.

One thing that seems strange, using the nbtstat command, the WDTVLIVE shows as the master browser (it lists the MSBROWSE name).

March11 wrote:


One thing that seems strange, using the nbtstat command, the WDTVLIVE shows as the master browser (it lists the MSBROWSE name).

It’s unusual, yes.   However, if no other devices on your network win the election to be Master Browser, that’s what will happen.

If you don’t need the SHARING function for USB Media attached to the WDTV, you can turn that off in the SETUP menus, and then it won’t become the browser.

But that doesn’t explain why certain folders don’t show up.

Can you post the output of the NET VIEW \servername command here so I can see what the share names are?

Here is the computer which has all the shared folders:

Shared resources at \PAVILLIONP62064

Share name                                           Type  Used as  Comment

Audio Books                                          Disk

Concert Videos                                       Disk

Erik Folder for Backup                               Disk

Latest Downloads                                     Disk

Movies_Entire Collection                             Disk

Music H Drive                                        Disk

Music Videos                                         Disk

Pictures H Drive                                     Disk

TV Shows not watched yet_but probably will not soon  Disk

Users                                                Disk

Videos H Drive                                       Disk

The command completed successfully.

Which ones in that list show up on the Live, and which ones don’t?

Now that you mention it, I notice that it is the first four that show up.  Audio Books , Concert Videos, Erik Folder for Backup and Latest Downloads.