Cannot scan file to MBL 2.0TB via SMB

Recently purchased a MBL 2TB. We have a Canon ir3300i copier that we previously used to scan documents via SMB to our local server and that works great. Now, I am trying to scan the documents to the “public” folder on MBL. The copier constantly has an error code of #801 which I think means the problem is more of a permission issue. I assume first that the MBL is SMB compatible. I can browse to the MBL from the copier, but when I try to drill down to a folder it first ask for a user/pw. At that point, I have tried everything to get to a folder and it simply will not see any. I have created a new user in MBL and used that username/pw in the copier, but still has same issue. I know it’s got to be something simple.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Did you tried using admin/admin for the username and password?

Yep, that was one of the first that I tried. Its interesting that the copier will see it in the network as MYBOOKLIVE, but as soon as I try to browse for a folder I get a username and password request. I even created a new account and tried that also. Really got me stumped as to why this does not work.