Cannot safely eject passport in windows vista

I’m trying to close the Passport using the SmartWare but it says close all running programs. I cannot see any other programs using the hardware so not sure what the problem is? Please help!!

The only way round this I have found is to shut the computer down and unplug manually but will I be doing damage?

You will not be doing damage if you press shut down and let windows close all programs then remove it manually if fact its the safest way. you should check all programs to see if they are accessing the drive any open window can cause that message

I’m not sure about that anymore…  I’ve had to do the same, shut down pc to remove passport drive, and now when I plug it in I always get message to check drive for bad files.  The odd part is, I have two drives plugged in, a WD 500G USB 2.0 and a 1TB USB 3.0 and it’s only the 1TB that gives me heartburn  :frowning:

Mikey what are you using for antivirus? The new release of Avast has a bug causing some people to have this problem.


Thanks, I will shut down next time I have this problem. Sometimes I find I have to restart the computer to get it working again because it just seemed to freeze and not do anything, even though more files appear to be needing transfer it has only done a partial transfer.