Cannot retrieve mdb file

During an overzealous housekeeping session, I accidentaly deleted blvd.mdb a data file needed for my Mary Kay business program to run.  OK…do a retreival and get it back (had been backed up 3 times in Jan.)…wrong.  The only file that could not be retrieved was, you guessed it…blvd.mdb.  Tech support was no help.  Can anyone help this 67 year old with moderate computer knowledge?  If I can’t get that file, this thing is going back.  The only good news is that I had a 12-28-09 backup on “My Book” so all is not lost.  Thanks in advance.

My mistake…cannot retrieve mdb file from My Passport Essential SE.  Moderator, please move back to appropriate forum…does not belong in My Book.  Thanks

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