Cannot retrieve files from My Book Essentials that have been retreieved previously

 I retrieved all files to my HDD which then died. I put in a new HDD in my desktop and then ran WD Smartware to retrieve the same files again. All files that I retrieved the first time are marked as deleted on My Book. Am I not seeing something here? It looks to me that once you retrieve files from My Book in Smartware it is deleted?

Welcome to the WD Community.

No, WD Smartware does not delete the files after you retrieve the files.

Are you trying to retrieve the files to the same computer? If is the same computer, are you  trying to retrieve the files to the original places or a different location?

It is a new computer. Trying to retrieve files to a different location. The smartware program shows most files with a strike-through line. They were retrieved previously to my old computer with old HDD which died. Looks like once you you retrieve files they are not available for retrieval a second time?