Cannot register web access


please help, i’ve got follwing error when submitting web access:

31602 - The web access account you requested for could not be created. Please make sure your device is registered and you do not have any network connectivity issues and try again.

FYI, i already registered my device and my Mybook Live is connected to my 3G router, and also there is no problem with my internet connection.



Does this happen for all email addresses you create or just one (If you have tried just one, can you try another)?

I would go ahead and contact our support department to help get this straightened out.

Dear all,

 I buy the My book live 1To, and I use windows 7.

I can’t use mobile access, I have error 3000. He don’t  want get code.

and same for web access, error 31602.

I have creat a account and can go to my account???*

If you can give me amswers.

Best regards


hi Tony,

sorry for late replied. Actually, on my book setting, it 's still show than I haven’t register yet, but when I try to register there is a message that i already register.

When I open the WD Web support, my device is already registered, then I try to register web access, the message still the same like my first posting