Cannot recover from raid format

I have a My book Duo 8tb bought february 2015.
It was in raid1
By mistake, using the software WD, i did format to raid1 again.
Now i cannot access my files even with a recovery software.
The reason is that files are criptograted, even if they were not. And the new key is formed everytime there is a new format, and the old one is unaccessible.
It looks impossible that a ten seconds mistake makes all files unaccessible due to the special instructions of My book duo and totally unrecoverable,
Any suggestion?
Gian Paolo


Not sure if that’s possible since the drive was formatted. Have you tried multiple data recovery software?

Yes. But no luck.the problem is the cryptography of the wd system,
It looks that is unrecoverable in the event of crash or formatting, as normal hd in nas?


Sounds like you are in the wrong board.

Do you have a My Book Live duo or a My Book Duo?

My book Duo