Cannot reconnect MyBook Live Duo to computer

I am not very computer literate.

I have downloaded all of my photographs (about 10,000) to the My Book Live Duo. I use a laptop.

I disconnected the laptop for a journey. Now I have returned with my laptop, but I cannot reconnect.

I have tested the ethernet connections - they are fine. I have connected the MyBook Live Duo directly to the laptop using the ethernet connection. I just get the flashing amber light on the MyBook. My laptop, which uses Windows 7, just informs me that is unable to make the connection.

What can I do?

You need to connect it according to the instructions.

While it’s possible to directly connect between PC and Duo, it is not recommended for the “not very computer literate” as it requires specific settings on both the PC and the Duo.

The flashing Amber LED most likely indicates that the Duo cannot detect the network.