Cannot reclaim space after deleting files/folders

Several months ago I purchased a My Cloud Home, 4tb. I previously owned two My Clouds, a 2t and a 4t. I had to eventually abandon them as they were problematic when it came to making backups.

My 4t My Cloud Home is plugged into a Smart Outlet so that I can access it only when I need it. Since there is no way to put it to “sleep” or Idle it, this works well for me. I use my phone to turn it on to either back up or access files, then I turn it off. This works very well for me.

Brand new out-of-the-box, WD Discovery shows 3.5t free – what the “system” needs to tie up 500 g of space is beyond me, but it’s not a problem.

What IS a problem: I recently tried to delete around 500 gigs of my data to make room for new. This was a multi-hour process, after which calling up the directory of the drive shows that the data has been removed. Before deleting, the system showed there was 24% free space. After all the deletions, it is STILL showing 24% free space.

After reading other posts, it seems that the actual freeing up of space (not merely freeing the directory entries) is a multi DAY process that runs in the background. Because of this, I have left the power applied to the drive for the past week or so, so it would have time to do it’s thing. I did power it off then back on once or twice during this process to see if it needed that to “refresh”. No change, still showing 24% free.

It has been several days now, as I mentioned, and I’m still showing 24% free space.
My question now, obviously, is how do I get my free space back? Am I going to have to reformat the drive and wipe out everything? (Not certain how to do that either, as a matter of fact.)
Someone, PLEASE tell me how to get back my reclaimed drive space.
Thank you!

@davidmac82948 please contact Technical Support and provide the MCH on-demand debug logs