Cannot play mp3 files at remote location - Fine from Home Network

I have had a My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 for about 8 months. At work on a wifi I could access and play my MP3 files on my iPad without any problems. Now the files show up in the App put do not play. I just get an error saying cannot play this media. I also DL the my cloud software on my work laptop and I can see all the files but they do not play.
When I am home on my network the files play on my iPad without any problems. This started about 2 weeks ago. I have deleted the app and assigned the device a new activation code but it still does not work remotely.

I answered a similar question about video today – no difference between video and audio when it comes to streaming remotely to computer:

I have tried this from two remote locations with wifi. The files just sit and do not play. Pictures take 25 seconds to load, Something is causing the files not to come through. I have a 150GB connection at home so I know my speed is good. I can stream Pandora, play youtube videos remotely so I know the connection is good. The My cloud must be rebuilding the database or something because it is always running even if I am not accessing any files. I have about 2 TB of Flac and MP3 files. Maybe the device is just timing out and I need to give it some time.