CAnnot Play MOV files from my Camera

I have HD video from my CAnon 60D camera.

I cannot play the videos. After about 5-10 seconds into the video the video is jerky and the audio is almost null.

All other types of video, AVI, MKV etc, play well, from the same source.

Does anyone have the same problem, I’ve rilled back the firmware one and two versions back, and stil lthe same problem.

I’m getting a little frustrated with this problem trying to figure it out.

Last wee I reset the whole entire network, routers, wireless access point, switches, NAS drive, laptops…

Just an update.

Videos on my home network play in the Live TV Hub well, teathered thou.

So i teathered the Live TV unit too, and the video is still choppy.

Try to copy the .MOV files to a USB memory and play them from there.

But all my home movies are on a NAS drive, not the USB.

Why the movies play well on the HUB unit, and not the Live Streaming unit, Its got me.

Today I call WDC, and they want to replace my units.

I’ve replaced my gateway, router. Any still the problem persists.

So now I’m going to replace the wireless access point, and see if there are any changes.

Can anyone play MOV files made from thier Canon Camera?

1080P resolution that is…

Yep, I just played one from my PC to the media player using Win7 “Play to”.  I also know my TV likes MOV files, but not all TVs necessarily do.

An issue I ran into was not playing a MOV file streaming it with my Pogoplug software to my PC.  Since MOV files are basically MP4 files, I renamed the MOV files as a MP4.  It then streamed/played fine.  So, try renaming an unplayable MOV files to a MP4 file, and see what happens.