Cannot play AVI files?

i have a few AVI files which i created by doing screencapture through SnagIt 9

I can play these files fine on my latop using windows Media player, KM Player, or VLC

But when i try playing these using WDTV, it says it cannot play this file format

i am surprised that WDTV – supposed to be the king of all media players in term sof playing any file format - cannot play AVI

is this normal or am i missing something?

Well, it is not that the SMP can’t play avi files, because it can.

The thing is avi is just a container, the issue with your file is most likely due to the codec or in the way it Snagit 9 encodes the files.

To find out how your file is encoded,  you need to download MediaInfo.  Then open the file with mediainfo.

If you don’t know what you are looking at.  Just select “Change the means of viewing information” from the tabs on the left hand side and select “Tree”, copy that info and paste here.

Its probably because Snagit encodes the avi using Microsoft Video 1. Generally the WD player only supports the newer Microsoft HD codecs and not the older type.