Cannot play ANY files


streaming from Linux box (mint 17.3) via wired LAN.

I have managed to finally get the files and folders to be displayed on the WDTV, but it will not play ANY files, just says “Unable to play selected file. Please see user manual for a list of file formats.”

On the desktop, i have already used nautilus to share folders and subfolders, and chmod 777 the directory.

What am I missing here?

This can happen on a WDTV from time to time no matter what serves up the file. Solution is to remove power completely from WDTV, plug it back in and on and try again. If this does not clear up your problem, it could be your Linux box is the culprit. Try streaming from a Windows source drive and see if it works.

Thanks, i’ve done all that. I have no windows computers.
Plex media server works on the box and all portable devices. It also works on the WDTV, so there’s a workaround. But the sudo chmod 777 -R command should completely absolve the linux box of being the culprit.

Do check that all the sharing settings are still in place, I have had the ‘unable to play selected file’ because of that. The sharing settings can turn themselves off without you being aware of it, for a variety of reasons.
I don’t know about Linux but in Windows, checking sharing settings is a simple matter of right-clicking each of the files you’re sharing / then clicking ‘share with’ / and then ‘homegroup (view and edit)’ - until Windows begins initiating its own return to sharing (process). Also allow ‘devices shared’ (in Homegroup) to repopulate. All of the folders you previously had shared, should once again return to being shared as per what you had in place before this happened. Prior to performing this sharing trick, fully switch WDTV off. Hold the remote ‘power’ button down for six seconds so that it fully powers off, and when you switch it on later, the resulting full reboot is simply good practice, especially when you want it to re-read its source after source changes.