Cannot ping device: Network card or system failure?

 Hi there,

the single drives of my MybookLiveDuo 2x3TB can be mounted on a linux PC and seem

to be ok. However, they do not work in my MBLD. I cannot connect to the machine after

I switch it on, no ping is possible.

Therefore the following question: What would be the normal behavior of the
network card in my MBLD on pinging without any drives in the MBLD?

When I turn it on without any of the two drives, I still cannot ping the network card!
Is that correct, or is the network-interface broken!? I tried it with the name and the

IP-adress that is assigned to the hardware MAC-ID in my network.

Just for your information: When I put another device to the cable (checked it with my
laptop) everything is ok, thus the cable and port are alright. There must be something
wrong with my MBLD! But i am not sure whether it is the network interface or the drives.

To narrow in the problem of my device this will be an important hint.

Best regards and thanks in advance


No need to answer anymore, I could unbrick my MBLD with the shell script used in the procedure

described here: