Cannot Open WD SmartWare on MacBook Air

WD SmartWare

Mac OS X 10.7.3

1.8 GHz Intel Core I7

4GB memory

100 GB free on internal hard disk

The icon for WD Quick View is visible in the menu bar after installation.

If I try to start WD Smartware using any of the following three options, the icon momentarily appears in the dock and disappears quickly.

  • Click on WD SmartWare from Applications folder

  • Click on “Open WD SmartWare” from the WD Quick View icon.

  • Using Terminal, change directory to /Applications/WD  Then run ./WD\ SmartWare

The following error appears when using theTerminal method:

“WD SmartWare[xxxx:a03] initialize: Could not get lock on file at launch. Terminating”

I have read a few posts and have ensured the following three items have been verified on my computer:

  • Computer name has been set under System Preferences->Sharing

  • Adobe Flash 11.2 has been installed

  • Software Updates are all current.

Please advise.  Thanks,


Try uninstalling the application

Did you formatted the drive?

If so, make sure to download the disk image back to the drive 

I have tried unistalling the application and reinstalling it several times.

The WD external drive has been formatted for a Mac file system–Mac OS Extended (Journaled).  Can you elaborate on your statement, “If so, make sure to download the disk image back to the drive.”?  Does this mean the drive needs a specific image on it before the WD SmartWare opens up?



I partitioned my drive using Disk Utility (OS 10.5.8), after installing WD ‘Smartware.’ The icon shows up top, but Smartware freezes when I try to load it. 

Please do clarify re “make sure to download the disk image back to the drive.” What you do mean, where is the image, what does downloading it back entail, etc. 

Thanks in advance!